MLB Pitcher Jeff Samardzija Throws Serious Shade at Jason Aldean’s “Terrible Concert”

MLB Pitcher Jeff Samardzija Throws Serious Shade at Jason Aldean’s “Terrible Concert”

Jason Aldean is a well-known fan of baseball, having played America’s pastime in high school. He’s also a fan of his home state Atlanta Braves.

However, Jason is probably not a fan of San Francisco Giants pitcher Jeff Samardzija—at least not now. Samardzija, who throws in the high 90s, threw some serious shade at the reigning ACM Entertainer of the Year.

According to a tweet from Grand Brisbee of The Athletic, Samardzija was discussing some of the hypothetical changes taking place in the game of baseball, when he said, “I like weird ballparks . . . I think [they] should change it back and forth during the season. Move the fences in, move them out . . . it’s not going to tear up the field worse than Jason Aldean playing some terrible concert.”

If you follow the game of baseball, Samardzija is an “old school” player who likes to stir the pot with his unvarnished opinion, but even this dig seems to come out of left field.

photo by Jason Simanek

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